Brand Strategy

Sure, we all know Coke and Nike are great brands, but why? What makes a great brand? A brand is more than a name or a product. It is the emotional connection that you have forged with a customer. It is everything from how you answer the phone to the color of your logo. It is why your customers buy from you, regardless of price adjustments.

It is the reason that your employers stay year after year. It is the reason everyone wants to do business with you. Your brand is the promise of an experience you give your customers.

If you have a brand strategy, we can help you reach its potential. If you do not, we can help you to ascertain your brand’s most important attributes. Our team performs interviews, conducts a SWOT analysis, and performs research to help you identify your brand and message. After that, the sky’s the limit.


Marketing Planning

Whether you manufacture widgets or offer tango lessons, you probably would like to grow your business. We work with you to assess your current market position and ascertain where you would like to be. Your business goals are the foundation of marketing planning.

Using direct marketing, your website, and targeted advertising and communications, we help you achieve these goals. Sometimes this is simply a matter of developing more inquiries or leads. Other times, a more comprehensive examination of your sales and marketing efforts is needed.

Our marketing planning background encompasses over thirty years combined experience in a wide range of industries. Odds are good that we can help you increase your market share.


Corporate Identity

Your visual identity is often the first impression a customer gets of your company. Many businesses can benefit from a new or revitalized logo.

Often, we strive to include some element from an existing identity graphic when we develop the new one. This allows for continuity in the customer’s mind, while assuring that a business does not appear dated.

In addition to the development of corporate identity graphics, we typically develop a stationery package and graphic standards manual as part of the process.


Public Relations

A well planned public relations effort can provide both immediate and long-term benefits.

Public relations encompasses everything outside of paid media advertising. A public relations campaign may include sending press releases, a newsletter, or perhaps holding a special event.

An annual, planned public relations effort keeps your business in front of customers eyes and provides top-of-mind awareness.


Literature Design

All businesses need some type of literature: it may range from a simple brochure to a more elaborate sales kit.

Our firm has helped a variety of businesses develop direct mail pieces, multi-component solicitation packages, catalogs, magazines and newsletters. The specific items produced are driven by your marketing and communications objectives.

Our team of professionals assists you with copy development, compelling design and top-notch photography.


Advertisements & POP

Advertisements play a crucial role in marketing communications. Whether you require an image ad that will be utilized many times over the course of a few years, or a more targeted product or promotional advertisement, we can help you.

Our staff is adept at creating print and electronic ads that resonate with the audience and create results!

In addition to advertisements, we can help you with packaging or point of purchase displays. Understanding how to grab a busy customer’s attention requires both creativity and the technical knowledge of how to produce such items.

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